Finally a Day Off

I’ve been working since last Monday and finally had a day off!!!  But I’m back to work for three days in a row.  Yes, I have to work on Saturday.

The reason why I had to work was because of Hurricane Rita.  Our support center in Houston had to evacuate, so their support tasks needed to shift to the group I’m in.  A lot more work for everyone involved.

So what did I do today?  Well, I played with the new photo blog I have.  What?

Go to and take a look.

My mission, if I decide to continue with it, is to post one photo every day.  The photo can be something I have taken way back when or just on that day.  I’ll make my comments and ask anyone to make their comments as well.  I’m just trying to modivate myself to take more photos and realize what I am taken and how I am composing the photos.

One photo a day.

We’ll see.

AJ Giron @verbal