October Rant

Ok, here’s my end of month rant for October.  The only times I do rants is when I haven’t written much or I have so much to write about.  So here goes.

I was in Hillsboro, Oregon for about a week and a half, helping to train those who will be doing my job in the future.  Nice place, nice people.  Overall it was a good trip.  I was there for the first three days with two co workers, Rich and Bert.  We went to a couple of places to eat during those days.

On the recommend list:

  • Reo's Ribs - A good rib joint run by Snoop Dogg's Uncle.  Get the combo plate (pork and beef ribs).
  • Syun Izakaya - A Japanese restaurant where the Unagi is tender. Service was fare, only because they get really busy at lunch time.
  • //Huber's - I had the Five spice pork tenderloin which went well with a pint of Guinness

I came back for the weekend, then went back to join Rich for more training and food.  Other places we hit were:

  • //Imbrie Hall - I liked the stuffed burger I had.  I think Rich liked the Jambalaya. They actually had to ask him if he had it before, because it is very spicy.
  • Hale's Restaurant - Total diner type place.  Reasonable price for reasonable food. But yeah, a total diner place.  It even has a waitress that says, "Be with you in a minute, hun."
  • //Russell Street Bar-B-Que - The last place we ate in Oregon before Rich and I took our flights out of PDX.  Very good ribs and meats cooked differently than at Reo's Ribs.  They also had a nice Iced Cinnamon Coffee (similar to a Hobee's Iced Tea), and Rich also got a Fried Chocolate Pies.  Good food worth going back for.

For photos from Oregon, see my Flickr album for //Oregon - Hillsboro and Portland

In-between my trips to Oregon we celebrated Susana’s birthday at the house.  We celebrated with a bar-b-que dinner - ribs, kabobs - and of course cake!  Susana’s got a digital camera for her birthday, so Farrah and I gave her a larger memory card to hold all the photos she’ll be taking.  Now all she needs is a computer to download all the photos!

For photos from Susana’s birthday, see my Flickr album for //Susana’s Birthday Celebration

When I finally came back from Oregon the bridal/wedding shower was the next day.  A lot of people worked very had cooking food, putting up decorations, cleaning up, and doing everything and anything to make the shower go off without a hitch.  We appreciate all the help people gave.  We also were happy to see so many people at the party!  Thank you for all the gifts!

For photos from the bridal shower, please see //Wedding shower and //Farrah’s Bridal Shower - Photos by Susana

Both albums are on my Flickr account. Please note: not all photos are visible to the public.  If you would like to see all the photos, please sign up for a Flickr account.  It’s really easy.

Simply click on the ‘Sign up now’ button on the home page for //Flickr After signing up, add me as a Friend or Family member and I’ll add you as one to my list as well.  You may have to introduce yourself if I cannot recognize your username.  Also Flickr just recently added the ability to get prints of online photos developed.  But you need to be on my Friends and Family list to see the option above the photos.  Photos can be mailed to you or you can pick it up at your local Target store.  Cool, huh?

I am working on a way to better share photos.  Flickr is a great service and I like most of the features, so for now photos will be primarily shared through that service.

AJ Giron @verbal