Updating the Photos Page

Well, I’ve been updating a few things on the website.  The biggest update is the use of a //Flickr plug-in called //FAlbum To see it in action click on the Photos link above.  Cool, huh?

This just adds another reason to love Flickr, which allows the use of their API’s to interact with the data stored on their website.  I don’t fully understand API’s, but hey someone does and made this plug-in.  Now it looks like I have the photo albums on my website.  You can still access the photos on Flickr as well.

So, this is another reason to sign up for a Flickr account if you wish to see more albums on //Janella.com Of course you need to be someone I know.  After all, the photos that I have private on my Flickr account are those of family and friends.  Nothing too embarrassing, but things I don’t wish to share with the general public.  As always if I have a photo posted in the public space (of yourself) that you wish for me to take down, please write to me and let me know.

AJ Giron @verbal