The morning found us having Kim Chee Fried Rice with two eggs over easy for breakfast.  We knew today we had two important meetings, so it required a special breakfast.

The first meeting was at Ihiliani with Terri at Ihilani to work out some final details.  This went by without any major concerns.  We then had a lunchtime meeting with (Pastor) Curtis Fong, who will be performing the wedding ceremony.  He was very informative and brought along years of experience to share with us on how we should conduct ourselves before, during and after the ceremony.

I also had a chance to post more photos from yesterday when we went to go get our Marriage License.

Marriage License Application

There were a couple of photos of us taken by the lady who took our application, but they didn’t turn out.  It seems I didn’t have the Nikon on full automatic, so the photos turned out blurry.  Oh well.

AJ Giron @verbal