Not Asleep Yet

I’m having a difficult time falling asleep tonight.  I’ve had a headache for the past two days.  The ache is located in only one spot in my head, feeling like a bolt stuck there.  Even 800 mg of motrin hasn’t kicked it.

I’ve been working on searching for jobs.  I guess some of the job search techniques or abilities online have changed. Look at //this article.  It describes some new federal guidelines for online job searches and posts.

New federal guidelines meant to standardize how employers track data on the diversity of their job-applicant pool are taking effect starting today for jobs at federal contractors -- and similar rules will kick in later this year at U.S. companies with more than 50 employees. And resumes and search approaches that worked perfectly well before may no longer do the trick.

Have you seen the website //Linkedin?  It’s specialized social networking meant to get all your job connections together.  I’ve been a member for a while and recently found out a friend works there. Cool!  Anyway, you should check out the site, sign up, and post your resume.  After all, a large percentage of jobs are acquired through friends or someone who knows someone.  So get Linkedin!!!

I had an interview today for a tech position.  I was made aware of the position through a friend.  The interview lasted for three hours, talking to four people total.  I think it went well, and we’ll see if the position is a fit for both me and the company.  I’ll probably write more later about it once things have settled.

Ok, I think I’ll surf a while longer then see if I can get some rest.

AJ Giron @verbal