Changes and Updates

If you are reading this on // then you know there have been some navigational and layout changes – again!  Well, I’ve listened to feedback I’ve received and readers have had a problem reading and navigating through the Hemingway theme I used for //Wordpress.  I’ve decided to go with a cleaner, meaner, and leaner theme.  With the implementation of the new theme, I’ve also decided to incorporate my photoblog which previously resided on  The photoblog now servers as the front page – a little like a splash page – for the website.

On the top of the front page you should see this element:

Navigation element for Website

From there you should be able to access other photos on the photoblog, go directly to the main blog, or simply go to one of the photo galleries on Flickr or Smugmug.

You can also click on the comment link.  This will give you a description of the photo you are looking at and the opportunity to comment on the image.  I plan to post photos that either Farrah or I have taken, where I happen to like the result of what we have captured.  I would hope people would comment on whether they like the photo or not.

On the footer of each page  you should see this element:

Foot image for website.

From the footer you can access other family and friends' photo pages.  The same links are available through the main blog.

If you have any feedback you’d like to give on the new layout, please write to me or talk to me.  I’m open to any comment to make the site easier to use.

AJ Giron @verbal