Recovering and Searching

I’m not sure how to start off describing what’s going on in my noggin right now.  So many thoughts are floating around, most involving the past few weeks and some involving future endeavors.  A lot of things happened last week, not to include my birthday.  I’m so happy Farrah took me out on Sunday to the City.  Otherwise I think I would have exploded with all that is going on.

The house has been noisy the last couple of weeks.  We had a roof leak which damaged the ceiling in the kitchen.  With Doug’s help, and a lot of persistence, I managed to get a hold of a contractor.  They started work soon after.  A couple of weeks and some significant scratch later, it looks like the work may be complete.  They had to reframe our dining room area, where some of the damage and the cause of the issue existed.  They also did some interior work on the kitchen.  The changes to the kitchen make the room feel much bigger, which is nice.

On the first day they started work, I had to take Tigger into the house so he would not get lost in the hustle and bustle of the workers.  When I picked him up that first morning to place him in the garage, he suddenly shook and convulsed in front of me.  It lasted for what I thought was 15 seconds.  It looked like he was having a seizure.  I brought him into my room and watched him for the next two hours.  He seemed fine during that time.

Later in the week, he had three more episodes in front of me.  Farrah pushed me into making an appointment with the vet.  I know I should have done it earlier.  I’ve been meaning to have him checked out.  But I’ve been fearful of doing so, given Tigger’s age.  But it’s time to face facts if they are presented to you, right?  The last thing I want is for Tigger to be in any pain.

I brought Tigger in last Friday to //Pet’s Friend Animal Clinic.  They did a full blood work-up on him.  They also noticed he had fleas and was a bit anemic.  The doctor was straightforward with me on what could be the cause of Tigger’s aliments, which I appreciated very much.  Her people skills were much better than a previous vet I visited.

The clinic got the blood work back in short order.  The doctor concluded the anemia may be caused by the fleas (which they took care of with flea ointment) and the fleas may also be causing seizure-like reactions.  She wasn’t too keen on the latter conclusion, but she said test results for other seizure causing aliments were negative.

At this point Tigger is fine, and is now a full time indoor cat.  With the anemia he cannot produce enough body heat to keep himself warm.  So Farrah and I have him in our room.  He’s been a good roommate so far, with only a few issues (e.g. potty training).  The doctor said he should have a comfortable one to two years left, if all things go right.  Not bad for a cat with no claws and no tail.  I just wish…well, you know.


The website had a big crash this weekend.  It seems on Friday night one of the hard drives on the server decided to die.  It took the technical support at my hosting company about 24 hours to rebuild everything, and another 12 hours to get things somewhat right on the website.  Unfortunately, they only had backups of my files up until the end of last month.  Which means I need to re-modify the home page to get it back to where it was.  Please bear with me while I make the changes…again!


The job search is still in full force.  Leads I thought I had have dried up. But I’ve got to keep plucking away.  I’ve been finding different methods in looking for a job.  One interesting one is provided by //Google.  Go to // and click on Jobs.  The search incorporates Google Maps into the job search.  As always, if you hear of anything that might be up my alley, let me know, ok?

AJ Giron @verbal