WiFi Everywhere

Today is a traveling day for me.  I’m running errands enjoying one of the last few weekdays I will have off.  I’m still waiting for my background check to clear before I can start the new gig.  Anyway, I’m at Valley Fair Mall returning an item I picked up in the City.  I’m waiting for Macy’s to open, which it will in about 8 minutes.  So I decided to take out the laptop to see if there is a WiFi connection.

BAM!  I’m hit with three possible connections.  One is TMobile.  The other one I don’t recognize (2WIRE937) and the third is WESTFIELD.  Yeah, Valley Fair is wired for WiFi.  Funny thing is Valley Fair used to offer free WiFi, but now they are charging, which is a shame.

The WiFi connection they offer is a 256K connection according to their FAQ.  Decent but not all that great.  I"m sure not going to pay $$ to connect.  I’d log onto the TMobile account to kill time, but Macy’s opens up in 4 minutes and I need to finish this errand.  I’m tired, having only slept for 3 1/2 hours last night.  Don’t ask my why.  I’m trying to change my sleep habit back to that of a working stiff.  This weekend was filled with failed attempts in accomplishing this task.

Perhaps I’ll have better luck tonight.  I better hit Macy’s now before I fall asleep.

AJ Giron @verbal