Catch Up

I meant to post this awhile ago, but lately I haven’t had much free time during the weekdays.  This is a good thing since it means the new job is keeping me busy.  I haven’t been in the writing mood as of late either, but with my return to the workforce I’ve managed to jog a few thoughts that have been slow in being posted to the blog.

First off, belated happy birthdays to Scott and Nana.  Scott’s birthday was in the first week of May.  I’m hoping he celebrated by watching the Giants even though they didn’t fare too well that first weekend. Nana’s birthday was celebrated the same weekend in Santa Cruz.  Photos and a video is available on the //Smugmug page, with photos later avaiable on //Flickr.  We also celebrated Mother’s Day with brunch in Santa Cruz.  I’ll need to post those photos when I get a chance.

If you are visiting //, then you will have noticed the format of the site has changed once again.  I made these changes earlier in the month, but didn’t push them to the site until recently.  I’m using the K2 theme which I think is easier to navigate then the previous theme.  The rotating header bit is back.  Refresh to the page to see other header photos or flip through some pages and it should change.  Or you can check it out on your next visit.  I’ll update the header rotation when possible.

This layout does not look right with Internet Explorer, but if you know me I would say to you “You shouldn’t be using Internet Explorer to surf the Internet”.  What should you be using?  Either use //Firefox or //Opera.  Both are much better and safer browsers to use then Microsoft’s Internet Explorer.  The page looks and functions as it should using Firefox and Opera.

Anyway, time to go enjoy the weekend.

AJ Giron @verbal