The Promise of a Faster Tomorrow

I’ve been a Pacbell / SBC / AT&T (or whatever the heck they are called now) DSL customer for a long time.  According to their records I’ve been their customer since 1998.  But unfortunately, I live too far away from the CO to garner any incredible speeds.  But seeing my sister’s connection in Santa Cruz has left me wanting more from my Internet connection.

At best I’ve been lucky to get 700 kbps upload / 300 Kbps download.  I compare this to Farrah’s parents and Lotte and Fina’s connection in San Jose, which is about 1200 kbps / 300 kbps.  They even have an option to upgrade to as much as a minimum of 3Mbps to 6 Mbps (which translates, I believe to 3000 kpbs / 6000 kpbs).  But for poor little old me, I don’t have the option to upgrade.  So I’ve succumbed to the Comcast advertisements.

I’ve ordered Comcast HSI (High Speed Internet) access for Monday installation.  I’ve asked for the 8 Mbps (8000 kbps) package, with the hopes of at least getting 6000 kbps.  But looking at the numbers, anything above 1000 kbps would be a good increase.

I wish uploading was faster, since that would help with posting photos and videos online. An increase, in that aspect, would help a lot.

If you want to test your speed, go to then click on Tools then toward the bottom of the page, choose Speed Tests.  Find a server near you and click Start (you may need to download Java in order to run the test.)  Post your results here when you get a chance.  You can show off how much faster you are then my connection (he says sadly).

AJ Giron @verbal