Documenting My Comcast Experience

I thought I’d just write about how this switch to cable Internet will go.  Hopefully there won’t be many bumps (I would prefer none), but I’m sure there will be something.

I’ve been doing research for about two weeks, most of it done on, checking the forums for users' feedback.  After looking online, I determine it was cheaper to order the service online then it was to call in.  But I did call in and ask some basic questions that were quickly answered.  Good so far.

I placed my order online.  At the end of the order you are placed in a web chat queue so a representative can confirm the order.  Well, this didn’t go too well.  The confirmation took about 20 minutes, with most of the time spend on hold as the representative tried to look up the proper ‘coupon’ codes to I would get the Internet discount.  In the end all he could say/type was “if you don’t get charged the right amount, call our billing department”.  Hmmm…confidence is waning.

AJ Giron @verbal