Sitting and Thinking

I’m sitting in a new Starbucks on Shoreline and Pear Ave in Mountain View.  I just finished eating a late lunch at //Maruichi.  I tried the Tempura Soba, but really was there for the chicken karaage.  The restaurant was unusually crowded for a Sunday late afternoon.  Actually, I should take that back.  I don’t know what the normal amount of people are during that time of day.  Let me just say it seemed unusual.

It’s been a really lazy day for me.  I’m not sure what to do.  I popped in a DVD, watched part of it, then promptly switched it off to watch the nothingness that was on television.  Even though it’s a four day weekend, I still need to work half-days this Monday and Tuesday.  At least I get to work from home.

I saw Superman Returns (*** out of 5)  this past Wednesday.  In general I thought it was a good movie, but lacked some extra energy to push it over the edge.  It was stronger in the character development area then X3 (** out of 5), but on par with X3 in the story logic area.  Brandon Routh makes a fine successor to Christopher Reeves as Superman, sounding like Reeves at times. Kate Bosworth wasn’t as sparky as Margot Kidder, which is disappointing.  Kevin Spacey is more menacing then Gene Hackman in the Lex Luthor role.  I believe Spacey’s Luthor would kill billions of people.  I just don’t think Spacey’s Luthor is as smart as Hackman’s though.

I’m a little disappointed this Starbucks doesn’t have Internet connections.  It probably is due to the fact it is so close to the Google campus that they are waiting for Google to offer their free WiFi in the area.  So when I post this entry I will most likely be at home.

This Starbuck’s has a lot of outdoor seating, having about 6-8 tables.  The inside thas at least 10-12 tables.  They have a bench like structure placed in the center that can hold about six people (uncomfortably) on either side.  The bench has power outlets underneath to allow you to hook up our laptop or other device.  (Note: I just found out they are planning to have WiFi in about a month).

AJ Giron @verbal