I’ve Been Vox’d!!!

You heard about //Vox?
Well, Vox is the new social networking site from //Six Apart, the creators of Movable Type, TypePad, and LiveJournal - all good blogging platforms.  I’ve tried them all, and one thing is for sure: Six Apart knows their stuff.
Yes, I and everyone else I know is thinking, does the world need another social blogging network?  Well, Vox is sold on its “all about ease of use, privacy control, playing well with other web services, and staying connected to the people you care about.”  It is easy to use, and there are a lot of features in flux.

What I like: I enjoy the ability to easily integrate Flickr, Photobucket, or iStockphoto account.  I also like the ability to selections from YouTube and Amazon items in your blog entries.  The interface to create entries is simple to use as well.  I like the QotD (Question of the Day) which can prompts you to answer via a blog entry.  I also like the idea of neighborhoods - almost like adding a Flickr contact.  You don’t necessarily need to make the a Friend or Family, but you can read your favorite bloggers on Vox by having them in your Neighborhood.  Templates are nice as well.  There is advertising on your page, but it is very subtle.

What needs work: HTML tags can’t be used everywhere, such as My Profile and blog entries.  Since Vox is in Preview status, there is only a limited amount of users on the system, so only members can make comments on blog entries.  They could probably open this up with OpenID or some other method.  I would like to also see the ability to import a blog from another platform, such as LiveJournal, Blogger, or Wordpress.

Overall, it has been a good experience on Vox.  Oh, so you want to see my page? Well you can view //my Vox here.

Would you like to get Vox’d?  I might send out invitations to those I know, once I receive them.  Just try it out.  At the least, you can get your name - if it isn’t taken already.

AJ Giron @verbal