Can't Sleep with this Heat

Tiana Posing in the PoolIt’s about 12:40 am right now and it is still warm in the house.  All I can think about is how hot it is supposed to be tomorrow.  I can’t think how I’m going to keep cool tomorrow.  Should I go to the mall?  Should I see a movie?  Should I walk around Fry’s Electronics until I can’t stand being there any longer?

Speaking of Fry’s Electronics, I stopped by there after work.  There seemed to be a mad rush of people buying the $400-$600 portable air conditioning units displayed in the center aisle.  It was almost an end-of-the-world-I’m-going-to-get-mine-and-I’ll-kill-you-if-you-look-at-me-funny sort of rush.  The heat makes you do crazy things, I suppose.

I wish I could be like Tiana is in the photo.  I wish I could break out the inflatable pool, fill it up with water from the hose, and just lay there in the water.  

Come to think of it, who says I can’t do it?

AJ Giron @verbal