Our Cat Has Friends

Tigger has, as of this writing, twenty-four friends.  Twenty-four friends?  Yes. He has about nineteen more friends than I have on //LJ; eighteen more friends than I have on //Vox; and three more friends then on //360.

If you deciphered the above comments, then you know that Tigger has a social network page.  Check it out at //Tigger’s page.  And there is also //Dogster if you happen to have a dog.

Now I won’t blog on behalf of Tigger to often.  These sites seem well suited to find out more about issues facing pet lovers, as well as sharing memories of those who love us unconditionally.  I think that type of niche community site is better suited to finding answers, then say a MySpace page.

Anyway, Tigger is on the Internet.  Next thing you know my Mom will have her own blog!?!?!?

AJ Giron @verbal