Mac Heart Stopping Moment - A Reason to Backup

[caption id="" align=“alignnone” width=“500.0”]I dropped by 12 I dropped by 12" PowerBook[/caption]

I’m a recent Mac adopter.  I bought my Powerbook last October and I just love it.  I probably will never buy another Windows machine, unless something drastically changes.  Last April, I did drop my PowerBook.  It didn’t go boom but it did bend a bit.

I know accidents happen, so I was able to calm myself after the mishap.  Given the mobile nature of notebooks accidents are more likely to happen.  I’ve heard the life expectancy of a notebook is three years, give or take a year.   I understand this.  Imagine my suprise when I came home yesterday and couldn’t power-up the PowerBook.

My thoughts started racing.  Did I drop this the PowerBook again?  Did the previous accident just have a delayed effect?  Did the cat sabatoge the PowerBook?  Can I convince farrah we should just buy a new one?  Oh crap, when was the last time I backed up this baby?

I started to freak.  farrah and I tried several steps before I started Internet searches on 12" PowerBook No Power.  There was several forum postings, and one off blog entries about this problem.  None of the solutions were working.  Stress on the old ticker was building.  

I then decided to go straight to the Apple support site for PowerBooks.  Can you guess what the first problem listed on the front page was?  It was “My computer won’t turn on"  All I needed to do was a simply hold down the Shift-Control-Option-Power for five seconds, then power back up.  Whew!

   [caption id="" align="alignnone" width="500.0"]My damaged 12 My damaged 12" PowerBook[/caption] 

Disaster avoided, but a lessen learned.  Boy, do I need to do a backup and soon. 

Eh, maybe next week.

AJ Giron @verbal