Movie Review - Brick

Look, I did what she said with the brick.  I didn't know it was bad, but The Pin's on it now for poor Frisco, and they're playing it all on me.  -- Emily from the movie Brick.


farrah and I watched this movie last weekend.  I’ve wanted to see it ever since I saw it’s preview during another DVD we watched several months ago.  It looked like classic film noir set in high school. 

It took a while to get into the nuances in the the dialog, but once you got into the rythym it was easy to follow.  In a way it was sort of like watching Trainspotting for the first time, not knowing what is being said.

I enjoyed the movie overall, giving it four stars.  I like the characters and the look of the film.  The pace of the story was spot on, moving from scene to scene at a good clip.  I figure if Sam Spade went to high school, he Brendan, the lead character in the film.

Go add this movie to your Netflix queue (or rent it at Blockbuster if you must).

AJ Giron @verbal