Can't Seem To Sleep

I can’t seem to fall asleep yet.  My wife farrah went on a mini-vacation to Hawaii this morning.  The bed feels a little different, so I’m sure this is why I can’t fall asleep.  Or it might also be that I watched that stupid 20/20 episode tonight called ‘Last Days on Earth’.                

ABC's Last Days On Earth

The show was counting down how the human race will cease to exist.  If you didn’t watch it, here are the seven way that scientist feel how life on Earth will end (from least likely to most likely):

  • #7a - Death of a Star - Gamma Ray Burst: It's something like massive heat from a dying star.  It will rip off the ozone layer and we'd fry.  Nice.
  • #7b - Death of a Star - Black Hole: I learned that we don't necessarily need to worry about our sun turning into a black hole.  But we need to worry about nomadic black holes that wander the galaxy sucking up everything in its path.  Nice (again).
  • #6 - Intelligent Machines - Terminator and HAL come to life.  I'm not too worried.  John Connor will travel back in time to set things right.
  • #5 - Supervolcano - Yellowstone Park becomes one massive exit point for molten lava that needs to expel itself from below the Earth's surface.  Fun for the whole planet.
  • #4 - Asteroid - Well, we've seen this one on film as well.  I guess we discovered a hunk of rock that might come very close to Earth on April 13, 2029.  Depending on how Earth affects the asteroid, it might just hit us when it comes back 7 years later, on April 13, 2036.  Uh, will Bruce Willis be available then to blow the sucker up?
  • #3 - Nuclear War - I guess the fear is that Russia and the USA will still (accidently) duke it out.  I guess there are about 80,000 nuclear war heads still pointed at one another.  Oh, and it will only take 20 of them to do the whole planet in.  Talk about having a surplus.
  • #2 - Plague - Either a flu pandemic, a man-made virus, or something else, scientist feel this is inevitable.   There have been 10 pandemics over the last 300 years.  I guess were due.  I'll need to look at Enoch Choi's PowerPoint presentation on the Pandemic Flu.
  •  #1 - Climate Change - Previously known as global warming.  Climate change is meant to cover all the effects of global warming (storms, floods, heatwaves, etc.)  Of course Al Gore was there to give his two cents about climate change.

Wow, looking over the list, I’m not surprised I can’t sleep!  I need to stop watching television news.

AJ Giron @verbal