I took today off to attend a company anniversary party.  The party was for a biotech company my wife recently joined.  We had heard they throw amazing parties, but I didn't realize the scale until today.
I always thought my previous employer had great parties.  For past Christmas parties my last employer has had The Flaming Lips, Ozomatli, and Earth, Wind and Fire.  (Yeah, I know the last one seems odd when compared to the other two.)  This last company is a Internet media-type company, so I would think they would get cool acts.  And so I was disappointed last year when Sugar Ray was the performer for the 10th anniversary party.  Yawn!
Anyway, for today's party I attended - a biotech company - they had some amazing secret acts in store.  When I say secret, I mean the performers were not announce to the companys' employees beforehand. 
First off was the Foo Fighters, who performed an acoustic set.  Dave Grohl was in fine shape, and interactive with the crowd.  I believe I saw them only once and concert previously, but I think this one tops it.
 Next up was big Bob Dylan! I'm not too much into Dylan, but what I heard I could get into.  His shadow seems more animated in the iPod commerials though.  He seemed to want to get through his set an be off, a sharp constrast to the Foo Fighters and the next act.
The next act, the Black Eyed Peas, had the crowd rockin'. farrah and I saw the group way way back when they opened for Macy Gray, and were pre-Fergie.  I must say, I'm wasn't a fan of the addition of Fergie, but boy can those guys perform.  And yes, she can too.  Fergie sang a solo of "Sweet Child O' Mine" and even did a little Axel Rose shuffle (you know that side-step dance move he does).  The show could have ended there but....
Last up were The Eagles.  Those guys can still rock, sounding just like they do on CD.  But again, it seemed - from the few songs I saw them do - they just wanted to play the tunes and get off stage.
We didn't stay until the end, as our feet were getting tired from standing all day and the long drive home still yet to come.  Overall, it was a good day.  If I learned one thing today, it is that biotech can rock better than a bunch of Yahoos!
AJ Giron @verbal