Found Today

Farrah Fawcett Trading CardFarrah Fawcett Trading Card

It cleaning month here in the city.  They call it extra dump days.  The first two weekends of this month we were able to take large amounts of junk to our local dump without being charged extra. Also, on normal trash days you for the whole month you can set aside extra garbage for the trucks to pick up.

So I’ve been in the garage a few days this month trying to get rid off all those items I no longer use.  I can’t believe the amount of magazines I’ve found and thrown in the recyle bin.  I would have to say a good 70 lbs of magazines have been hauled away.

Anyway, today’s gem was in a box full of old trading cards.  Most of the cards were Star Wars, Star Trek, Superman I and II, and some KISS trading cards.  Most are in a non-collectible state.  But the one find was this Farrah Fawcett Charlie’s Angels card.  I showed it to my farrah who thinks I should put it on my office wall.


AJ Giron @verbal