When You Created Your Very Own Universe....

Baron Papanoida aka George Lucas

…you can do anything you want.

I usually don’t go to StarWars.com, but I received a spam message and decided to check it out. I saw the little figure to the right and thought it bore a resemblance to Ol' Georgie himself.  I guess I was right.

Eagle-eyed fans watching Revenge of the Sith may have noticed George Lucas' first-ever Star Wars cameo as the blue-faced Baron Papanoida waiting outside the Coruscant Opera House. What some may not realize, however, is that the entire Lucas enclave -- Katie, Amanda, and Jett Lucas -- also made brief appearances in the movie, immortalized now for the first time as Hasbro action figures!

For $26.99 (on sale), you too can own the Lucas Family!

AJ Giron @verbal