The Weekend Lost

This past three-day weekend could have been more than what it was. Unfortunately, I caught the cold that has been hounding farrah for the past week. Thursday night found me with a scratchy throat. By Friday afternoon I was feeling rundown.

Friday night I resolved to spend most of Saturday in bed, hoping to salvage Sunday and Monday for some fun. But Farrah reminded me that the post office was open for passport renewal on this special Saturday, so morning rest had to wait. We got up early, but not early enough to beat the approximately 100 people in front of us in line. It took us ninety minutes to process through the line, then less then 10 minutes to actually process our paperwork. After eating brunch - since it was about 10:30 am, we headed home and me into bed.

Sunday morning I was still dopey, and Monday didn’t seem much better. But yet, I crawled slowly out of bed each day just to get out and about around the house. The only thing we really accomplished together this weekend, besides the passport renewal, was several levels of Zelda on the Wii.

Perhaps the weekend wasn’t lost after all.

AJ Giron @verbal