Going Home

I've been on Vox for a while now and I have enjoyed it.  I've met new people and reconnected with old friends.  But lately I've been yearning to go back to the my old Wordpress (WP) install at my domain.  I think I miss the thing I used to complain about - maintaining a website!  It's part of the reason why I haven't been posting often, because I have been prepping the WP install and cleaning up some pages on the Janella.com  If you wish to continue to read most of my mundane blog postings then visit:

I won't totally abandon Vox.  I view my account like my Flickr account, where I interact with new friends and acquaintances.  I enjoy reading all the postings from my neighbors here on Vox.  They write so much better than me! I will continue coming here daily - posting less often but reading and commenting on others' postings. 
AJ Giron @verbal