Another One? Yes, Another One.

OK, last I heard, Facebook was the new MySpace. At least that was what I heard.

I then go surfing the other night looking for Wordpress themes for this blog and I stumble upon Virb. I thought, cool looking site and all, but wasn’t sure what it was (plus, I was just looking for Wordpress themes).

I then listen MacBreak Weekly, a podcast I listen to often, and find out it’s the Virb that is the new MySpace. When is Vox getting into this mix? Yeah, I suppose they’re not after the MySpace crowd, but Vox is pretty cool.

So, of course I sign up.

Not much there yet, but it’s pretty cool and customizable as heck. Very clean Web 2.0 look. There’s a strong slant on music, photos and videos there. The basic design is clean, but like I mentioned, you can customize the style through WYSIWYG interface or through stylesheets and more. Pretty straightforward stuff.

Give it a twirl.

AJ Giron @verbal