4 Themes - 4 Looks - You Decide

One of the best things about Wordpress is the ability to change the look of your site pretty quickly.

So how do you like this current theme now? It’s called Digital Photography Blogs - Shiny Theme (more info). Though I modified it, and it looks good, it is a bit difficult to maintain, and I think, read. Here is their warning on their site:

We promise that you don't want to use this theme. It was designed for our first blog network, Digital Photography Blogs, and works great for that one purpose. Other people have tried to use it and have suffered greatly. That said, we still get lots of requests for it, so use the theme if you dare!

Encouraging, huh? Anyway, this theme is the first of four. Each Sunday (if I remember) I will update the theme on ./Janella.com. At the end of the four weeks, please vote with your comments on that blog entry. Your choice will be used on Janella.com - at least for a while :)

Note: I did not create any of the themes to be used. I just modified them slightly, as is allowed, to fit with how I feel it should look for the website.

AJ Giron @verbal