IMAX 300

Farrah took me to watch 300 today at the Sony Metreon’s IMAX theater.  But first she took me to breakfast at Sears Fine Foods in Union Square.  Breakfast was great, and you can read my review on Sears Fine Foods on my Yelp profile.

IMAX 300

When we bought the tickets, I asked the ticket agent how was the movie.  His response was “Awesome!"  When I asked how it was in IMAX, his response was once again “Awesome!"  As we walked away from the ticket counter toward the escalator, the ticket agent muttered a line from the movie (that I happened to have said to Farrah on our walk from our fulfilling breakfast):

Spartans! Enjoy your breakfast, for tonight we dine in Hell!

This was our first experience watching a movie in IMAX.  Before the movie begins, there is a small presentation on what IMAX is: blah blah screen size, x amount of cool speakers, etc.  It’s an entertaining presentation that shows off the features of an IMAX theater.

Ok, now to the movie.

It’s a simple story of a small immovable army versus a large unstoppable army.  It’s a bloody and gory movie, but beautifully filmed  containing loudly spoken dialogue  spoken - we’re in battle after all - much like that of the comic book.  There are speeches here and there but they don’t drag on or bring the fill down.  Every character has their role that predictably plays itself out to the end.

What I liked about the movie: The look and sound of the film, especially in IMAX, is difficult to ignore.  It played a major part in making the film enjoyable.  The gore was just enough on the comic book side to not be grossly unappealing.  The actors were given enough dialogue to chew the scenery when given the chance.

What I didn’t like: Um, no real movie trailers before the film started.  Oh, there was a trailer for Spiderman 3, but it was an older trailer.  Guess they don’t make trailers specifically for IMAX.

300 in IMAX: **** (out of 5) ; *** 1/2 (regular theater)>

AJ Giron @verbal