We're Here!

As I write this right now, it is around 21:18 (9:18 PM)  on Sunday here in Bath, UK.  Farrah and I are sitting in our room at The Parade Park bed and breakfast, watching television and trying to recover from the day’s events.

The flight on Virgin Atlantic from SFO was long but as comfortable as possible.  The seats don’t give you much room.  Luckily you do receive a personal entertainment screen.    You can choose from over 50 movies, television shows, and games to pass the time away.  I managed to watch “Smokin' Aces” and " The Illusionist "  and a few minutes of “Music and Lyrics”.  Farrah watched “Borat”, “Catch and Release”, and “Music and Lyrics”.

The food, dinner, and breakfast, were not bad for airline food.  They even provided free headphones and a free toiletry kit.

Once we landed at Heathrow, we took the long walk to Central Bus Station and waited about 90 minutes for our bus.  At this point Farrah and I were pretty much whipped, having only slept a couple of hours - if that much - on the plane.  We both fell asleep off and on through the two-hour bus ride to Bath.

We easily found the bed and breakfast.  The room is on the third floor - what we would call the fourth floor as the ground floor is not counted.  Our room is small, but it does have its own bathroom.

The sink has separate hot and cold water faucets and flushing the toilet requires you to pull the lever several times in a row - almost as if you are priming the pump.  We can see the Abbey from our room, as you can tell in the photo above.

All in all an adventurous day in the UK.

AJ Giron @verbal