The Big Four

Today was my first experience with Tube congestion.  It’s Monday so people are off to work.  Plus we got a little late start in getting out of the flat.  We needed to catch two lines to reach our destination: the Jubilee line and then the Circle / District line.  Unfortunately, when we got to our second Tube destination the line was seriously delayed.  We had to find an alternate route that took us north,  then back around to get to Tower Hill where we needed to be.

Tower of London

We arrived at the Tower of London in the pouring rain.  The forecast for today, as with many of the previous days, was for continued rain.  It was steadily pouring when we purchased tickets and entered the Tower.  We planned to go alone through the Tower, but a tour was just beginning so we decided to follow the tour guide for as long as he went.

He talked about the history of the Tower of London and the many queens and royalty who were held there before their execution.    Our tour guide spoke mainly in the chapel and talked about who was buried there.

Tour Guide at the London Tower

After his talk, Farrah and I headed to see the Crown Jewels.  The line to see the jewels is long, but when you see the actual Crown Jewels you pass by while on a conveyor belt.  There will be no lingering near the jewels!

If you wonder why there are no photos of the Crown Jewels it is because no photos are allowed.  In general, I hate taking photos at museums because the lighting is low and I don’t have the proper lens.  Plus most of the time photo taking isn’t allowed in the museum.

After the Crown Jewels, we went into the White Tower and the Bloody Tower, both fun places full of history.  We also stopped by Traitor’s Gate before heading out the side entrance which faces Tower Bridge.

This was a lot of history to soak up by noon.

Tower Bridge

We exited the side of the Tower of London which faces the River Thames.  There we look out at Tower Bridge which still looked impressive in the light mist.  We tried to take a few photos on the crowded walkway filled with french speaking students and other tourists.  We then made our way up in search of lunch, stopping by a local Wagamama to give it another go.

Us and Tower Bridge - The Myspace Photo

Big Ben

After refueling, we headed back into the Tube to head to Westminster Abbey.  When you head out of the Tube station to head Westminster Abbey you are greeted with - BAM! - Big Ben!  It is an impressive sight.

Big Ben

We stood around in awe for a good 10 minutes just snapping photos and admiring its sheer size.  We looked out across the river from Big Ben and were able to see the London Eye as well.  We didn’t stop by the London Eye though as we are saving that for later in the week.

Westminster Abbey

After milling around Big Ben, we made our way to Westminster Abbey, another large impressive structure. a place where monarchs are crowned and buried.  Our feet were getting tired at this point, but we needed to go into the abbey.  We walked around looking at each burial or commemorative marker.

Westminster Abbey

After our exhausting tourist filled day, we headed back to the flat for dinner.

AJ Giron @verbal