I covet both the newly announced iPod Touch and the iPhone. The iPhone price went down $200. It is still pricey, but it does look sweet. If I were lucky enough to get only one which would I choose?

Last week I threw aside my LG VX8500 as it started developing an annoying habit of auto dialing the last call in my call log. I went back to my previous phone which I happened to keep just in case.

My iPod is a third generation model which only lasts 1 1/2 hours on a fully charged battery works if I keep it plugged in. Poor little me, right?

I’m leaning toward wanting an iPod Touch more because I’m not sure I’m still sold on a music player slash phone. But still it would be nice to have an all-in-one device.

[Update: Thanks to Bert for sending me this commentary by Gina Hughs on Yahoo! Tech. More information to consider.]

[Update: Steve Job’s writes an open letter to early iPhone users offering them a $100 credit at an Apple Store. Very classy move to quell the anger of early adopters.]

AJ Giron @verbal