I decided to finally learn Adobe’s Photohop, so I signed up for a class at my local Junior College. The classroom has about forty computers, ten of which are iMacs. Since the first day of class the iMacs haven’t worked.

Each day I would come into class, and each day the teacher would say, “Choose a computer, but don’t sit at a Mac. They aren’t working! I hate Macs.”

Actually the iMacs do work! Unfortunately no one, even those people in the IT department at the JC, can figure out how to get them on the network! So the iMacs sit there looking pretty.

Four weeks later I arrive at class with the teacher declaring the Macs now work. The IT departments solution? They installed Windows!!!

I’m a bit sad at the unwillingness of the IT department to try and seek out a solution other than installing Windows. You would think they could do a simple search on the Internet, but I guess that is just too much work.

AJ Giron @verbal