American Male Salon - A Review

I have been to a salon twice before Farrah and I were married. The salon was Atelier Aveda on Santana Row. Aveda is for everyone, both women and men. But it appears to cater to women more. Since I have been growing out my hair again, Farrah thought I would like to visit a salon again. Instead of Aveda, she found the American Male Salon.

The salon is located in San Antonio Shopping Center, an outdoor mall where I spent many days hanging out. It’s tucked in a corner near the 24-hour Fitness. Parking was a bit of an issue on a Saturday afternoon since Trader Joe’s was bustling.

I arrived a bit early for my appointment. I was offered a drink and a chair in front of the television where the Seahawks-Packers game was on full blast. I then met Yessica (I heard Jessica, but her card says Yessica). Farrah signed me up for the Men At Play package. The package was not only for a haircut, but also included a pedicure and a manicure. They call it **detailing**which is a term I think I prefer.

Yessica suggested starting off with the pedicure, then the manicure, and lastly the haircut. I have never had a pedicure or manicure and found the experience to be extremely relaxing. Yessica was very professional and nice. She talked only when I started a conversation, giving me the option to simply relax and enjoy the service and the football game, which was on another television set in the manicure/pedicure area!

After my nails were done, and before my hair was washed for its cut, I had the opportunity to dip my hands in a paraffin hand dip. I have to say that experience is interesting as well. Layering your hands in wax and having it peeled off later to reveal a softer feel is an experience.

The haircut was standard fare, pretty much secondary to what had previously occurred. Yessica did talk to me about options regarding my hair and how I take care of it. She offered products to consider using for my hair without being pushy about it. Me, I’m used to being fairly bald so any advice is helpful.

I really enjoyed my experience there. Though it cost considerably more, for the package, I think I will find myself going back in six to eight weeks. In fact, I have my next appointment already set.

Rating: **** (out of 5)

AJ Giron @verbal