The Strike is Over. Now Get Back to Work!

It’s great to hear the Writer’s Strike is over. But according to Kristin at E!online, some of my favorite shows won’t be on until next season!

My favorites:

24 - Looks like Jack won’t be back until next January, since they only finished half of their episodes. A long break may be good for this show, which has had some weak writing as of late.

Battlestar Galactica - For the final season, it looks like they are going to split it just like the 2.0 - 2.5 box set. Razor quenched my thirst for new Galactica, but only for so long.

Big Love - Looking good for this summer!

Brothers & Sisters - Only four new episodes this year?!?!?!

Dirty Sexy Money - One of my favorite new shows. Too bad it won’t be on until next fall.

Gossip Girl - Yeah, really. I always walk in when Farrah’s watching and I know what is happening. A favorite?

Grey’s Anatomy - Some new episodes, according to the article. Frankly, I’ve lost a bit of interest in the characters.

Heroes - No new ones this year. They really need to work on the story lines, and it sounds like they are from the article.

How I Met Your Mother - They might cancel it?!?!? How could they?

Lost - There are new episodes now - if you’ve been watching. I guess they’ll be doing a few more this season.

Pushing Daisies - My favorite show of the new season! It sounds like they might have a few new episodes this season. I really hope they do.

Read the article for more information on your favorite shows. For now, I guess I need to be satisfied with my reality show diet of - Rock of Love 2, Project Runway, American Idol, America’s Next Top Model, and Celebrity Rehab.

Yes, I watch too much tv. Thank goodness for Tivo!

AJ Giron @verbal