Around the Horn

This is a new type of blog entry for me, at least on the main blog. It is simply a collection of links that were either IM’d to me or I ran into through my daily browsing. This type of entry takes the place of my now dead Tumblr account. I like to call these entries “Around the Horn” (another baseball term).

Obama Hype or Substance? Well researched write up on Obama versus Hillary. “In my eyes Obama is the superior choice in every way. ” Food for thought. (Daily Kos)

I guess the NRA send their kids to college in Utah. “Utah is only state where students, professors can carry guns at all public colleges.” (CNN)

Stairs Bookcase? I got vertigo just staring at the initial photo! (Gizmodo)

If I ever get plants, I should get this thingy to keep them alive - hopefully. (

Show me the money. Who’s on the the $10,000 bill? Link provided by steveny. (PurpleSlinky)

Lindsey Lohan poses in the nude. You can find the photos on the Internet if you do a simple search. I’m linking to the article in the New York Times about the sitting. (New York Times)

AJ Giron @verbal