My Fault - I Know What Happened

OK, I figured out how I “screwed the pooch” on the web site. I fracked an upgrade to a new version of Wordpress, not following directions because I thought I knew what I was doing. Clearly, I was incorrect in my assumption.

I do have a month old backup of the web site which I could restore. But I am extremely lazy at this point in time and am seriously thinking of simply just pressing on from here.

I pulled a similar stunt earlier this year, thinking I’d start fresh with the site. But I met with slight resistance to do this and so I relented. But because of my latest action, and the fact that I simply do not wish to dig deep into the vault any longer, I am going to just continue to post from this point on.

OK, enough late night rambling. I’m going to look up a few New York tidbits for our trip later this week, then I’m heading to bed.

Thanks for reading.

AJ Giron @verbal