Twitter Updates for 2008-03-30

  • Just got back from Gray's Papaya. Deciding if we should get a drink before packing. #
  • Having a Long Island (and Farrah is having a Dirty Martini) @ Gaby's downstairs in the hotel. #
  • Need to start packing. Checkout is @ Noon. Then to JFK to wait. Wonder how much the cab ride will be? #
  • @ The Red Flame for the last time. #
  • Is it a flat rate fare FROM Manhattan to JFK? #
  • @ JFK early. Taxi ride was quick. #
  • @ JFK watching the "Secure Wrap" dude wrap luggage. Guess people are willing to pay to have their luggage wrapped in seran wrap. #
  • My NYC cell phone observation - most people have a Blackberry. The only time I saw an iPhone was when I was near an Apple store. #
AJ Giron @verbal