What's Up with Wordpress?

For some reason the blog has been acting up lately.  Pages have been loading slowly and posting has been difficult.  The problem does not appear to be the server, as I’m able to access files by FTP and use other portion of the site that are not built using Wordpress fine.

And so I’ve deployed Movable Type once more. The feeling of generating static HTML pages is starting to appeal to me more and more.  At least the pages appear to be loading faster.  Now I think I’ll need to work on modifying this template or creating my own, as I don’t like how it’s looking from a design standpoint.

Update: Movable Type keeps f-ing up on me.  I installed it for a few days, then for some reason my mt.cgi files are all screwy, not allowing me to post!  Oh well, back to WP.

AJ Giron @verbal