My First Five Blu-ray Movies

I remember the first five DVDs I bought when I purchased my first DVD player. They were:

Yes, The Wedding Singer appears to be the odd choice, but I found the movie very funny. Anyway, now that I’ve converted to blu-ray, I wondering what my first five discs should be? I already have a head start with three, two of them coming from a deal when I bought the PS3. The discs we current have are:

I only bought Life of Brian because it was part of a deal. There were no other movies on the available list that I thought I would enjoy. I like Monty Python, but I enjoyed Monty Python and the Holy Grail more than Life of Brian. But anyway, I’m still trying to determine (1) what my next purchases will be, and (2) how big is my blu-ray collection going to be. I don’t want to repeat what I did with DVDs - a collection that grew close to 300 discs.

Why don’t I want to collect a bunch of blu-ray discs?

It’s not the whole ‘investing in a technology that may change’ thing that makes me hesitant. It seems to be a fact that anything you/I have a lot of - whether it be clothes, cds, mp3, or whatever - you/I only seem to really use, what, 20% of whatever you have of. Seriously. There are plenty of mp3s in my collection that I haven’t listened to since ripping. There are plenty of clothes that I’ve only worn once, if not at all. There are DVDs that I haven’t watched since buying them. They all take up space. They all took up $$.

Well, let’s see how I do. Saying and doing are two different things.

AJ Giron @verbal