My Short Review of Dane Cook at HP Pavilion

Dan Cook at San Jose Event Center

I’m not a big Dane Cook fan.  If someone was playing his CD or DVD I would listen or watch. But watching him live in concert is a different story.  I had no set expectations in seeing him in concert.  Unfortunately, his concert at the HP Pavilion was fair to middling at best.  He lacked any real energy or (fake) spontaneity, relying solely on his charm to push him through the night.  For me, the opening acts garnered more bellyful laughs.

Timothy Finn does a good review of Dane Cook’s concert earlier this year. It sums up the experience pretty well. Would I pay to see Dane Cook again?  Probably.  Would I spend as much? Probably not.

(photo via sjsharktank)

AJ Giron @verbal