Photography Websites and Forums

One of my sisters recently was given a DSLR as a gift. She went to the Canon side, whereas I’m a Nikon person, so we won’t be able to share lenses. But we can share the abundance of resources available on the Internet. I have a few bookmarked sites and podcasts that are focused on photography I can share. This should be good for a few blog posts.

First off, I’ll provide a few sites you might consider visiting for general photography tips and information. I’ll follow up with other photography websites I visit for both inspiration and information. And there are also podcasts to listen to on photography as well.

Websites and Forums - One of the first sites I visited on photography. It was easy to find - given the name. But the best parts of the site are the Learning and Community sections. You may want to create an account to post questions and comments. Forums - The main part of dpreview has detailed equipment reviews. But I prefer the forums, where a variety of answers are given to many posted questions. Sign up for an account and post, or answer a question.

Flickr Groups - Flickr is a great photo community website. A large portion of the interactivity takes place in groups. You can find a group for almost anything photography related. You’ll need to sign up for a Yahoo! account in order to access Flickr. - The how-to section on PopPhoto’s website has plenty of information. They provide tips on how to shoot a variety of photos, how to use that new photography equipment you just got, or how to navigate through Photoshop. You might also consider picking up an issue of their magazine, known as Popular Photography.

Photofocus - A well-put-together blog providing information, reviews, and resources on photography. They also have a podcast, one I listen to when I can.

Nikonians: A good site for information, not only on Nikons but on photography in general. I’m sure there is a Canon equivalent. They have a strong community but require a paid membership to access it. Luckily you can sign up for a free trial.

I’m sure I’ve missed some great photography websites for information. I’ll add more as I come across them.

AJ Giron @verbal