Motivation and Inspiration

I’ve been in an inspirational slump. Often, I would bring my camera to any family occasion to capture moments.  But even on those occasions, it’s been difficult to get up for taking photos.  I’m hoping for a change, a spark.  I would often find inspiration through photos people posted on flickr or on trekearth.  But I’ve even been lost in this method of motivation.  A new site is helping to spark motivation and inspiration.  It’s called

I heard about the site while listening to one of my favorite podcasts, tacksharp.  The site’s concept was created by John Duncan Davidson and Mike Clark.  It’s a simple, helpful idea. Daily photo assignments are posted on the site at 9 AM EST.  The hope is for people to pick up their cameras and look for opportunities to complete the assignment.  Take one photo or ten, but choose the best to share with the community.  You use Twitter to let the site know you have posted a photo for an assignment.  It is then vetted by the site’s “magic”, then posted on  You can see photos I’ve taken here.

I hope to go back through the twenty-five-plus assignments I missed. I’ll try to do a few during my work winter break. So you may see more photos from me here on the site.  I not only hope to take more photos, but also to be more creative, and more expressive in my photography.  

You know this will be one of my New Year’s resolutions.

AJ Giron @verbal