Room in the Middle

If you haven’t heard, Apple announced the iPad yesterday. It seems everyone who hasn’t seen or used it in person describes it as giant iPod Touch. It seems more than that, but having not seen it in person, I could be wrong in this assumption. The question is, “Will you get one?” I’m leaning towards yes. The price is high, but not as high as predicted.

I’m interested in what the iPad can do for me? 

I often use my laptop when watching television - browsing the web, checking email, playing Words with Friends, etc.  I use my iPhone before I go to bed, and when I first wake up. I can see using the iPad to replace both of these scenarios. It’s made for consuming content, whether it’s music, games, the web, or even books. It seems like a good size for a nightstand / coffee table device.

I’ve read plenty of the tech-blogs describing the cons of the iPad. Many focus on what the iPad doesn’t have, or that a netbook can do the same things. But the iPad shouldn’t be compared directly to a netbook or an iPhone. It’s supposed to be the product in the middle, a hybrid. I don’t think I’d be editing photos or doing long word processing documents on an iPad.  If I wanted to do either of those things, I’d use either the laptop or a desktop. I also don’t think I’d use the iPad as a mobile device.  But I can see bringing it to Starbucks, logging onto their WiFi to browse the net.  It’ll be easier to carry in my backpack. But if I need to do actual work at Starbucks, I’d bring my laptop.

Who knows, my mind may change when I actually see the iPad in person.  At the very least I’m excited to see what it can do.

AJ Giron @verbal