Twitter Weekly Updates for 2010-03-21

  • This fight is very boring at this point. #
  • I came into work today and found someone else in my cube. I was beginning to wonder if my boss forgot to tell me something last Friday? #
  • @ Paper Source #
  • @ H&M #
  • @ The Counter Santana Row #
  • I’ve just re-enabled commenting on my blog. I didn’t realize that Akismet wasn’t enabled. We’ll see how much spam it catches. #
  • It’s looks like a beautiful day outside. Wish I didn’t have to work indoors. Oh well, the weekend is almost here. #
  • @sarahcuda Oh, that’s for the tip. Heading over to Ustream now. in reply to sarahcuda #
  • Chatting about McDonaldland characters. Who knows them all? #
  • Somehow we missed last week’s Project Runway. How the heck did that happen? #
  • Thinking the new theme on the website is not working. My wife may hate me for changing it again, I’ll probably do it before next week. #
  • I hope the person in the next cube only has allergies. Otherwise, I hope I don’t catch what they got. They’re coughing up a storm! #
  • Sleepy for some reason. But it’s only 6:30pm! #
  • @ejacqui That’s a good start to the weekend. in reply to ejacqui #
  • I guess I should start the errands we need to finish today. #
  • Haven’t been here in a long long time. @ Fish Market Restaurant #
AJ Giron @verbal