What's on TV?

I’ve always watched way too much television. I’m sure this will change soon, but things are staying the same for now. Here are a few shows we are watching, a few we are looking forward to seeing again, and a few we’ve given up on.

Still Enjoying

  • Lost - This year there are more answers then questions. This final season is turning out to be their best season. It almost makes me sad to see it go.
  • Human Target - New action series. Likable characters, combined with action and light zippy dialog, make this series successful.
  • The Amazing Race - Fun to watch the team conflicts taking place in great locales. I just wish they’d shoot it in HD.
  • The Real Housewives of New York City - Out of all the “Housewives” series on Bravo, this is the one to watch. Did I just type that?
  • Big Bang Theory - The only comedy show I watch consistently. Not gut-busting funny, but funny enough.
  • Criminal Minds - Solid CBS crime drama. It’s just a bit on the violent side.
  • CSI - Still fun to watch even without William Petersen in the cast.
  • The Vampire Diaries - This is a show Farrah watches, so I’ll deny it if asked, but I actually like this show. I haven’t sat down and watched a full episode. But I’ve had my back to the television while Farrah is watching. The characters are likable and have some edge to them. The only thing I don’t like is the flashback scenes. They seem poorly done.

Watching, But Not Sure Why

  • 24 - Jack Bauer is still fighting the good fight. Too bad his storyline is the only interesting one. All the other supporting characters, with the exception of Chloe, are very dull.
  • Project Runway - It’s still a good show, but this season I haven’t found anyone to root for. I’m happy that the show is back in New York!
  • America’s Next Top Model - Tyra Banks can get very annoying with her antics. Luckily, there seems to be some interesting contenders this year.
  • Shear Genius - Why did they get rid of Jaclyn Smith? I can barely watch the new host.
  • Gossip Girl, Grey’s Anatomy, and Private Practice - A few shows I happen to watch because I’m in the same room at the time they’re airing. Of the three, I think I find Grey’s the most interesting.

Gave Up On

  • American Idol - I only found one of the singers interesting. This show is no longer in the DVR rotation. Honestly, I probably should have stopped watching a few seasons ago.

Recently Wrapped Up

  • Burn Notice - A solid season ending on a nice cliffhanger. I can’t wait until the next season.
  • Leverage - A weak second season. Character development and interaction seemed off this season. Hopefully, they can recover next season.
  • Numb3rs - My Friday night staple has unofficially ended its series run. It was a weak ending for the show. I’m sure it was intentionally so, just in case the show is picked up for another season.
  • Big Love - I really couldn’t get into this season’s episodes. I may need to watch them in reruns because I forgot what happened. It’s all just a jumble.

Wait and See

  • Fringe - I never was into X-Files, which this show seems similar to in nature. This show works very well on the mysteriously creepy level. New episodes are starting up again soon.
  • Dancing with the Stars - Interested in seeing how certain celebrity do this season.
  • Top Chef Masters - The series was good the first time around. I hear some of the same Masters are returning. Hopefully, that won’t be a bad thing.
  • Law and Order: Criminal Intent - The show has been getting stale lately. I don’t think it helps that Vincent D’Onofrio is leaving. But Law and Order shows always had a revolving cast. It should survive.
  • Royal Pains - When is this show starting again? It feels like it’s been off the air for a long time. Hopefully, the magic of the first season carries over to the second.
  • True Blood - New season looks like it’ll start in the summer. Can this season be as good as the last? Possibly.
AJ Giron @verbal