Twitter Weekly Updates for 2010-03-27

  • I’ve been up since 4:30am. What the heck am I doing up so early on a Sunday? #
  • Evil Girl Scouts are outside selling cookies. @ Best Buy #
  • Getting ingedients for Korean BBQ. @ Hankook Supermarket #
  • The iPad better support the Kindle app. I’d be upset if I had to buy an iPad version of a book that I can read on my iPhone Kindle app! #
  • I can’t seem to choose a good font for the blog. I guess I’ll go with the default in the theme I’m using. #wordpress #
  • I think I’ve had my fill of the word “frickin'” today. #
  • Gouged my nose with a fingernail last night while sleeping. I drew blood and skin. Must have had a a bad dream to do that to myself. #
  • Haven’t been here in almost five years. @ Thea Mediterranean #
  • I’ve never had lunch here. @ El Pollo Loco #
  • Getting takeout to celebrate my birthday. @ Tao Tao Restaurant #
AJ Giron @verbal