Clean Start

Given the recent changes in my life, I decided to make part of my online life easier on me. I’m moving the blog off of a self managed web hosting account once more. What I enjoy most about having a self managed web hosting account is full control and access to what I post. But I no longer have time to maintain a server, which requires updating the Wordpress software when patches become available. (Though this has been easier in the last few versions of Wordpress.)

Going with a free hosted is the next best option, that is if I still choose to post blog entries. Moving this way gives me the opportunity to clean up a few things - mostly due to circumstance. The main blog entries will be posted on still, which will be hosted for free on the great tumblr. Unfortunately, or fortunately, tumblr doesn’t allow importing of Wordpress. At least there isn’t a clean, simple, easy way to accomplish this. So only new posts - from July 1, 2010 and going forward - will be available on

Old blog posts - those written Before Child(ren) or B.C. - are available on my account at or accessible through the “Previously” link off of’s home page.

Let’s see how this works out.

AJ Giron @verbal