My Instapaper Links for the Week

What’s this? It’s a list of links I’ve read this week, which I hope you’d find interesting as well. I usually get interesting links sent to me by friends, posted on Facebook, or run across them in my casual browsing of the Internet. Often, I don’t have the time or patience to read the link when I see it. What I do then is place the link in the great Instapaper.

Instapaper saves the content of the link or at least the link, so I can read it later. Instapaper has an iPhone and iPad app which allows me to catch up when I have downtime, usually at day’s end. They also have their website to view the articles you saved.

So for you, a reader of this blog, I’m sharing a few links I found interesting this week. I hope to share links weekly if possible.

  • When Bad is Good Top 10 vices that are actually good for you. I know Farrah and I would like to take more advantage of #1 - Getting your zzz’s. But sometimes that’s not possible. (via Tage and CNN)
  • There’s an Apple event on September 1! If the rumor of a new iPod touch pans out, I might consider carrying that instead of an iPhone. (I said I might).
  • I Thought It Would Be Funny”, so says the British woman who put a cat in a trash can. Did you see that story? I’m surprised she didn’t think she’d get caught, considering the abundance of monitoring in the UK.
  • How to Bully-Proof Young Girls. Bottom line: cliques start early. Oh, and in the long run, girls are meaner than boys.
  • The rise and fall of American Apparel. All I’ve ever known of American Apparel is their risque ads (NSFW). But then again I’m not über hip. Dov Charney, the mastermind behind American Apparel, is an interesting sleazeball, at least from reading this article.
  • Batman, Inc. “It’s really weird. Batman can take anything. You can do comedy Batman, you can do gay Batman…it all works. It is something intrinsic to the character. It’s so strange and amazing.” – Grant Morrison.
AJ Giron @verbal