A Bunch of Quick Movie Reviews

Wow, a post other than photos and Twitter updates! Yeah, I’ve been a bit behind in reviewing movies that I’ve been able to watch the last couple of months. Yes, even with Mia, work, and all the things life has to throw at you, there is still a little time to enjoy a movie. Well, I enjoyed some of them. Others were not so good.

Karate Kid (2010) - Why remake this movie? They should have just called it “Kung Fu Kid” considering that’s what Jaden Smith is learning. Jaden Smith overacts and Jackie Chan doesn’t get enough screen time. A valiant effort to not use the same script, but it falls short. Rating: Rental

Robin Hood - Russell Crowe and Cate Blanchett aren’t bad in this movie. It’s just that the story isn’t compelling at the least. Rating: Cable TV

Inception - This is the last film we saw in the theater. I thought it was great, not realizing it was a long film. I would have liked to have seen some of the scenes in IMAX, but overall I was satisfied to watch it on the big screen. If you get this on blu-ray, I hope you have a large screen to watch it on, to get the full effect. Rating: Full Admission

The Losers - Action-packed movie, but no characters to care about. Zoe Saldana was the only thing going for this movie. Rating: Rental

The Blind Side - Likable actors and characters. Good solid story. I can see why Sandra Bullock was nominated for an Oscar (not sure she should have won it though). Rating: Matinee

She’s Out of My League - A predictable movie with a few funny moments. The shaving scene, and the outtakes of it, were a bit disturbing. Rating: Cable TV

Killers - An awful movie. A waste of time. I’m not sure why I bothered renting it. Oh, I know why. I rented Mr. & Mrs. Smith at the same time. I wanted to compare the two films. At least I watched one good film. Avoid Killers all costs. Rating: Cable TV

Date Night - Tina Fey and Steve Carell are hilarious in this film. But I thought it would have been funnier than it turned out to be. Rating: Cable TV

The Book of Eli - Strong performance by Denzel Washington and Gary Oldman. Not sure if Mila Kunis worked in this film for me though. The ending was a surprise, but not enough for me to watch the movie again. Rating: Rental

Shutter Island - Well told story. Solid acting. Looks gorgeous in blu-ray. I wouldn’t mind watching it again, though I don’t think it holds up with repeat viewing. Rating: Matinee

Hot Tub Time Machine - Good funny movie that reminds me of the teen movies of the 80’s. Rating: Matinee

Kick-Ass - I was expecting funny/violent, which it started off as. Then it turned serious/violent. Action sequences were nice, but the overall tone of the film didn’t work for me. Rating: Rental

Zombieland - Another solid funny movie. Even though zombies scare Farrah, she sat through this film and enjoyed it. Worth a repeat viewing. Rating: Full Admission

AJ Giron @verbal