MoBowl - A Review

This week I had the opportunity to eat lunch at Mobowl. MoBowl is a food truck serving Chinese cuisine with a twist. We’ve tried MoGo, a similar concept involving Korean cuisine, and we’ve enjoyed what they had to offer. Would MoBowl be the same?

To find out where MoBowl will be on any given day, you need to either look on their homepage or their Twitter stream. They only serve food on weekdays during lunchtime. On this particular day, they were only three minutes away from my workplace.

On to the review.


Well, it’s a food truck. The truck is clean, with available drinks and plastic utensils available upfront. The menu is written in chalk and is easy to read.


They were a half-hour into their lunch service. I only saw one customer in line. I wondered if this was a bad sign, but I walked up to the truck and ordered. The order taker – possibly the owner – was friendly, giving me several options for what I ordered. I had the Five Spice Pulled Pork bowl. There were two additional options with my meal, a fried egg, and brown rice. Each would cost an additional dollar. I opted only for the fried egg. The meal came out to nine dollars total.

They were able to make my dish in less than five minutes. I took it to go, as is the case with these food trucks, and took my meal back to the office.


The food comes in a sturdy plastic bowl. Items in the bowl are segregated into three areas: a salad, rice with a fried egg on top, and pulled pork. At first glance, it doesn’t seem like that much food. Then you realize the bowl is deep, and the contents of the bowl make up a hearty meal.

The salad was a normal regular green salad with a light dressing. The egg was fried medium with a slightly runny yoke. The rice was perfect, not too soggy or too dry. The meat, at first taste, was extremely tender and flavorful. I enjoyed it for a while. But after some time the five spices, which I’ve had before in other dishes, became overwhelming.


I enjoyed my meal, though again, the five spice was a bit heavy-handed in my opinion. I think I’ll go back to try another offer. But for now, I give it 2 1/2 stars out of 5.

AJ Giron @verbal