The King's Speech

I upped my Netflix movie discs this month in the hopes of catching up on a few movies. I hope to write a few words about each movie that I was able to view.

I was able to set aside a few moments last weekend to watch an excellent movie The King’s Speech. It would have been a good idea to see this movie before the Oscars. But knowing it had won several Oscars, as well as other awards, did not taint my viewing of the movie.

The film, from its synopsis, seems grand in scope. It tells the story of a man with a speaking issue who would be King one day. But as I sat and watched the movie it felt like a nicely made small film. The movie moved at a good pace, covering a little less than a decade of time very smoothly. It established its characters, relationships, and situations with ease.

The interaction between the actors and their characters was a sight to see. In a short period of time, you could recognize the love and patience that Helena Bonham Carter’s character has for Firth. And you could feel the tension, then later admiration and respect Firth and Geoffrey Rush’s character shared throughout the film. Yes, there was a montage here and there, but how else would you encapsulate all the speaking exercises Firth’s King George VI would go through?

Now, I don’t know the historical accuracy of this film. Heck, I don’t expect any film to be historically accurate. All I can say is that this film proves to be an inspirational piece worth repeated viewing.

If you like British movies and have two hours to spare, and an opportunity to rent this film, I don’t believe you’d be disappointed

AJ Giron @verbal