Anxiety Sucks

I hope to be on a plane to Hawaii when you read this. I’ll be doped up on Dramamine  which will help me make it through the plane flight. I’ve always had a little trouble getting on a plane, whether it was a short or long flight. But for some odd reason, I’ve been getting more anxious about this flight.

I hate this feeling. I truly do.

I am writing about this in hopes of purging all this bad “mojo” from my brain. It really comes down to that, doesn’t it? It’s your inability to stop your mind from thinking discomforting thoughts. You feel the sudden shift of the plane because of turbulence and you think the worst-case scenario. Or you feel the air in the cabin is not as fresh and free-flowing as it should be, and you feel more enclosed than you really are. Yes, my mind is wandering. My mind is thinking of these things - and more - it should not be thinking.

But why, why now? Am I really thinking of something else?

It’s possible. This is our first flight with Mia. She’s been a pill lately. Either she’s teething or simply closing in on the terrible twos. I don’t look forward to her acting up. I’m getting uncomfortable just at the thought of feeling the eyes of people wondering, “Dude, can’t you control your kid?”  Seriously? You try to stop her from squirming and screaming when she’s in the zone. Pressure. Tough on a five our flight.

So that may be it. I am not wanting to deal with what may happen. But to think more about it you can’t control what may happen. But shit happens. You cannot control everything.  You can only set yourself up for the best result.  Then you need to deal with the unexpected and adjust accordingly if it happens.

This is what I need to remember. Deal with it when things happen. And also remember that the Dramamine will kick in sooner or later.

AJ Giron @verbal